All children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult on the first class.


Welcome to The Krav Gym!

Self-Defense, Fitness, Cardio, Family Classes, Combat Grappling, Kid’s Self Defense


Get into great shape! Lose weight! Learn to protect yourself and your family! It’s the workout that can save your life! The Krav Gym is Bolingbrook’s first true fitness & self defense gym!

Our programs include:

Krav Maga: Unlock the potential of Krav Maga, the pinnacle of Israeli self-defense systems.  Krav Maga, designed to be the epitome of effectiveness, seamlessly integrates European boxing, wrestling, and street fighting.  Tailored for both men and women, it goes beyond raw strength and athleticism.  Embrace the Krav Maga philosophy that emphasizes aggression with simultaneous defensive and offensive maneuvers, skillfully adapting military techniques for civilian empowerment.  Elevate your safety with the ultimate in practical and versatile self-defense.

Krav for Kids:

  • Empower your young warriors by securing a spot in our Krav Maga Kids Classes – tailored for ages 9 and up!
  • Unleash Confidence: Boost your child’s self-esteem through expertly crafted Krav Maga techniques.
  • Practical Self-Defense: Equip your kids with real-world self-defense skills in a safe and engaging environment.
  • Physical Fitness: Foster strength, agility, and coordination while making fitness fun.
  • Social Skills: Develop teamwork and communication as they train with peers under certified instructors.
  • Life Skills: Instill discipline, focus, and respect which extends beyond the training mat.

Combat Grappling: Elevate your combat skills with Combat Grappling- a dynamic system that focuses on expertly controlling and finishing a resisting opponent. Our techniques are strategically honed to gain the upper hand on the ground. Combat grappling dominates through the art of take-downs, wrestling, and aggressive joint manipulation. Unleash the power of ground-based mastery, where control becomes your key to rendering your opponents unable to continue the fight. Transform your approach to combat with our refined combat wrestling system, where submission wrestling meets the battlefield for effective and strategic self-defense.

I.C.E. Bootcamp Fitness: Ignite your fitness journey with our high-energy Intense Cardio Exercise, a 30-minute boot camp-style workout that varies with each class. Unleash the power of our dynamic sessions, combining total strength, conditioning, and cardio for a comprehensive fitness experience. Our motto: “Get in, shape up, and get on with your life!” Embrace efficiency and results – because your time is valuable, and so is your health. Join us and redefine your fitness routine with intensity and variety.

Concealed Carry: Don’t forget to top off your safety and join our Firearms Concealed Carry Self-Defense Classes.  Continue your Self-Defense Journey and equip yourself with the skills and confidence needed to protect what matters most.  Our comprehensive classes offer:

  • Expert Training: Learn from USCCA-certified instructors with real-world experience in self-defense and concealed carry. The same people who have taught your military and law enforcement.
  • Learn and Understand your rights with escalation and use of force in today’s world.
  • Hands-On Firearm Instruction: Master the art of concealed carry with practical, hands-on firearm training.
  • Tactical Decision-Making: Sharpen your situational awareness and decision-making skills for effective self-defense.
  • Community Support: Connect with like-minded individuals in a supportive learning environment.

Michael Jozwiak
USKMA 3rd degree Black Belt
Megan Jozwiak
USKMA 2nd degree Black Belt

The Krav Gym is THE National Training Center for the United States Krav Maga Association

Testimonial from Ray McGury, Former Bolingbrook Chief of Police

Home 1 HomeI wanted to let you know about a new training facility in Bolingbrook.  I’ve been training with The Krav Gym owners, Mike and his wife Megan at their Glen Ellyn facility, and rather than try to explain what this is all about I encourage you to come by and see/try for yourself.  If you have kids, bring them. Females of all ages should definitely give this a try. You think your too old…BS.

Something we lack BIG TIME in our society today…Situational Awareness.  Put your phone down and look around!  We’re all guilty of this. This training’s foundation is based upon this principle.  Get out before !@#(& hits the fan.  Deploy the tactics/techniques The Krav Gym will teach you which are SO basic and the reason why it’s so effective.

Finally…no one makes you feel like a goof here.  God knows I’ve given my partners enough ammo to do so.  Do they push you..Yes. Hurt you or embarrass you..No.  This will be the best cardio workout you have had while working at whatever pace you can. I continue to lift and always will but give this a try.  It’s a VERY humbling but worthwhile experience when a  5′ 2″ 105 lb female smiles as she takes out a 6′ 3″ 255 lb man ( quickly and efficiently. Puts things in perspective real quick…

Thanks for listening…

Be Safe and Well,


Ray McGury, Former Bolingbrook Chief of Police