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The Transcript:

Mike: Everybody has a story, and whether or not they want to share that story is entirely up to them. But, as somebody who is teaching this and somebody who is providing that service, I make it a point to recognize it.

Mike Jozwiak is recognizing the fact that there’s a portion of his clientele that share a sobering reality: domestic violence.

Jozwiak is the owner of The Krav Gym, a home to Krav Maga classes that teach practical and effective means of selfdefense.

Mike: Typically the women that are seeking out a self-defense system are searching it out for a reason. And some of them have some very very horrible things that they’ve had to deal with or live through. And they need something to give them back their confidence and give them back the ability to ensure its now in their hands and not somebody else’s.

Six years ago, Megan Jozwiak was looking for a self-defense class as she prepared to move out of her parent’s place to live on her own.

Megan: It gives you a positive sense of security and it give you, women in general, the ability to go out and have fun and if something were to happen, know the basics on how to get out of that situation.

Megan and Mike are now married and run the business together. A safe space and informative place for people of all backgrounds and experiences.

Megan: I’ve been doing this for about 6 years and I’ve have about a dozen females tell me about situations that they’ve been in. I’ve had quite a few males tell me about situations they’ve been in. And the number is quite alarming.

Mike: Two types of people come into Krav – You have people who need self-defense and are looking for it. And you have people that want to get in shape.

Who takes Krav Maga
Bart Kolatk falls in the category of wanting to get in shape. The self-defense aspect of the class is an added bonus.

Bart: If I’m ever going to use some kind of fighting technique it’s going to be on the street. I’ve been attacked personally before. I just feel like this is something where I can get a workout and learn martial arts that will protect me, if it comes to that. Hopefully it will protect me.

Liz: It’s super practical, it’s effective and really, the instructors are ex-military so they’ve not only done it but they can apply it.

Liz Guzik has been doing Krav for years and has found a home at The Krav Gym. Not only are the instructors experience, but they keep the atmosphere light and relevant.

Bart: Mike and Megan both have their black belts – Mike has a lot of experience, he’s been in the Army, in Army combat. He’s done wrestling and many other things. And you can tell he has a passion for it. And he teaches things that make sense and that work.

Liz: Not only is it familiar, everybody comes in, everyone is rooting for you and wants you to do well. But you don’t have to be here for a year for that to happen. You walk in and day one that’s the welcome you’re going to get.

And while Krav Maga has built a reputation as a discipline for women to learn self-defense, Mike likes to reiterate that it’s for anyone and everyone.

Mike: What I love about Krav, is Krav is actually the best of everything, it works for everyone. It’s not only super simple to learn, it’s designed for everybody.

The Krav Gym offers Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Ice Bootcamp fitness classes in addition to Krav Maga.

Truly a place for everyone.